380mg CBD Dabs

380mg CBD Dabs


  • strong relief
  • lemon terpene profile
  • pure CBD extract
  • 38% CBD by volume
Category: CBD Vape


If you have never used CBD wax, you’re in for a treat. It’s unlike any other CBD products because of its unique flavor, richness, and strength.

Good Vibes Live Resin

The Good Vibes product line calls their cannabidiol dabs “live resin.” Don’t be confused by the lingo, it’s wax. Treat it like you would any other wax. The main reason I like this product is because of it’s effectiveness, flavor, and smoothness.

It get’s the job done for me in just one hit, depending on if I’m using an oil rig or a wax pen. My pain dissipates quickly after using it, within minutes usually. Unlike smoking, dabbing is always a smooth endeavor when you have a quality wax. It produces smooth vapor, not smoke, so that eliminates the harshness associated with inhaling cannabis products.

If the wax was made incorrectly, from old or low-grade hemp, it can be pretty harsh. That’s why I like the Good Vibes line of products. It has always been fresh and smooth.

The terpene profile produces a light lemon flavor which is nice. The taste of unflavored CBD can put some people off. I don’t mind it, but it’s not something I really enjoy. It’s just like blah. But with the addition of the lemony terpenes, it actually makes the experience enjoyable.

Using An Oil Rig

Using an oil rig provides a strong dose of CBD that can satisfy your needs in just one or two hits. It’s a lot different that other inhalation methods because of the size of the inhale and the strength. When you use a CBD vape cartridge, you won’t be able to take very big hits. They have a really tight draw so you will have to do smaller MTL (mouth to lung) draws. If you prefer smaller MTL draws, then you should consider getting a CBD vape pen. But if you would like to take one big DTL (direct to lung) rip and get on with your day, dabbing is the way to go.

Using A Wax Pen

You can also use your CBD dab similarly to a vape pen. In fact, you can use it in a vape pen. Several companies made pretty good vape pens that come with a wax chamber. You can put your wax in the chamber and puff on it like you would a cartridge or an open system vaporizer. One thing to be aware of is the variance in quality of these devices. It’s best to go with a pen that was made specifically for waxes and oils or at least has a solidly build chamber that was made for them. Stay away from the cheap-o jack-of-all-trades type of pens.

With a quality device, you’ll get the most out of your wax. The device should heat the wax evenly so it vaporizes smoothly, not wasting a drop.

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