Two 1g Pure Organic CBD Oil Syringes 820mg Total

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Two 1g Pure Organic CBD Oil Syringes 820mg Total


  • 41% CBD
  • Strongest on the market
  • 820mg of CBD total
  • Extracted from organic European hemp
Category: CBD Oil


At 41% CBD by vol, this is the strongest CBD oil available that I’m aware of. It’s the strongest we’ve been able to find and they have the lab results to prove it. If you’re in the market for some strong oil, this is your lucky day.


It’s unfortunate that you have to navigate an outdated website to buy this CBD oil, but I guess it’s not the end of the world. It can be a pain in the rear at times but at least it works. I know one thing, being a website owner myself, I can surely appreciate companies that keep their website up. It’s hard work!

Hopefully the team at PSL will revamp their website, but if they keep all of their energy focused on producing the best CBD oil money can buy, I won’t hold it against them.

Big Upside

There are massive benefits to having CBD oil this potent. One of my favorite things about this oil is how little I have to take to get my desired result. It’s just about twice as strong as the last CBD oil I was using but it only costs $10 more. I know, I wasn’t getting the best deal in the world but they were good at marketing and they had a nice website. Yup, I fell for the okie-doke. It doesn’t really matter though, because eventually I found PSL and they have the best oil and the most reasonable prices I’ve ever seen.

With oil this strong, you’ll only have to take a fraction of what you were taking if you were using a 17% or 25% oil. That’s a huge benefit because you’ll get better absorption with less oil. The capillaries under your tongue can only absorb so much CBD at any given time. If they tap out after absorbing, say 30mg of oil (arbitrary number), you’ll fair better with a 41% CBD oil than you would with a 17% one. The more potent the CBD, the more they’ll be able to absorb. The more actual CBD your capillaries absorb, the stronger and longer lasting your benefits will be.

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